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Important changes to UK Pensions under the UK ‘Finance Bill 2017’

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About Us.

NZ Pensions was founded with the aim of offering professional pension transfer services to immigrants and New Zealand nationals returning from overseas.

We’re happy to help – we’ll take the hassle out of your UK Pension transfer !

UK Pension Transfers.  A good idea.

Transferring your UK Pension makes perfect sense if you now live in New Zealand and are planning to retire here.

Pensions are complex and the UK rules change constantly – with your pension savings here in NZ you will be in control, and you can trust that your funds will be invested wisely and safely for your retirement.

NZ Pensions offers a comprehensive UK Pension Transfer service with a range of portfolios and QROPS schemes to suit your needs.  It’s important you get the right advice from a Financial Adviser – it costs nothing to talk to us to get a confidential assessment.

The UK Finance Bill 2017 altered the QROPS UK Pension rules yet again, after the UK Pension Schemes Act 2015 brought major changes with ‘Pension Freedoms’.

In New Zealand, new NZ Taxation Rules took effect on 1st April 2014 which changed the way Foreign Superannuation is taxed in New Zealand.

You could claim benefits from your pension at the minimum UK retirement age of fifty-five, tax free – talk to us, as conditions do apply.

You can choose a NZ$ Dollar fund, or you can stay in UKP Sterling. Learn about the currency options.

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I have been highly impressed by the service I received from NZ Pensions.  After attempting for a while to find the time and nous to navigate the transfer process myself, I decided to enlist professional help, and looked around for options.  What really impressed me straight off the bat about NZ Pensions was that they were even willing to work with me, given the small amount I was transferring and the minimal fees they would benefit from.  Certainly, most other outfits politely turned me away.

Norm’s expertise made the whole process seamless, and Olivia was superb at keeping me informed and on track with my own obligations along the way.  I am so grateful to you both, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others, and for my other insurance requirements.

Chris Buckley


I transferred my UK Police Pension to New Zealand some 10 years ago.  I engaged the services of Norm to assist with this process.  I found his company on the internet and on initially speaking to him, felt very reassured in his advice and direction he was proposing.

Since then, I have touched base with Norm on a ‘ad hoc’ basis asking for further advice and guidance on other aspects of investments, pensions etc.  Norm has always made the time to respond both to my emails and telephone calls, consistently updating me with anything that may affect my pensions or investments.

On matters where Norm may not be a subject matter expert, for example tax, he kindly referred me to an appropriate tax expert who was able to answer all of my questions and address my concerns.
Together with his vast knowledge in the insurance and investment fields, his friendly demeanor and personality really sold me.  Terrific guy who I found I could immediately trust, and knew he had my best interests to heart.  Thank you, Norm, for everything you have helped with.

Julie Morris


Thanks to Norm Waldon of NZ Pensions I found the transfer of my UK pension very simple. I appreciated his clear plain language explanations, felt that he heard and understood my needs perfectly, and that he was, and still is, very responsive to any queries I have. Similarly, when I decided to start a Kiwi Saver, I found Norm’s support invaluable, and the whole process was fast and easy. I do believe I have the scheme which suits me best, and I would have no hesitation recommending NZ Pensions to anyone looking for a professional and efficient service.

Christine Boudet


I just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know how happy I was with your service for my recent UK pension transfer.  Norm, I felt like you were always open and honest in your communication, which is why I chose to go with your company. I was really impressed at the speed of service, guidance, documentation and all aspects really. And I will say, it is super useful to have my complete set of documents bound into one book – so thank you for that added touch!
Have yourselves a good week-end

Julie Wieczorek


Having researched a number of pension transfer companies, we recently transferred our UK pension using NZ Pensions and immediately realised that we had made the right choice. Norm made the process simple and clear so that we were able to make informed choices and we were kept up to date with the progress of our pension transfer which meant that we always felt we were in control.  Thanks Norm for making what we thought would be a very complicated process so easy for us.

Debbie Shiers


I recently transferred my Pensions from the UK. Norm explained the process and options clearly and progressed the paperwork promptly. He travelled to Wellington to meet face-to-face and discuss all the options. What I was impressed about was the how up-front Norm was regarding fees & commissions. His emphasis appears to be good service and advice, not generating large commissions. I would be happy to use Norm again and would recommend his services to anyone.

Kevin Rice


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