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Benefits of UK Sterling Fund Option.

UK Sterling Funds: Gain the benefits of transferring your UK Pension to New Zealand without worrying about the exchange rate!

3522382_blogWe can transfer your pension to a registered QROPS scheme in NZ, and your pension is invested in offshore funds according to your investment preferences and risk profile.  Your portfolio will be denominated in either GBP Pounds Sterling or NZ$ Dollars – your choice.

There is no need to ever change to NZ$ Dollars unless you wish to – and any withdrawals or drawdowns can also be paid to you in either GBP Pounds Sterling or NZ$ Dollars.

You can change to NZ Dollars when and if the exchange rate suits you – your funds remain under your ownership and control, and are invested in genuine offshore funds rather than just a Sterling Bank account with a NZ Trading Bank.

Benefit of our UK Sterling Fund option

There are many reasons why it is advantageous to transfer a UK Pension to New Zealand, however transferring is a big decision and exchange rates can have a huge influence on the value of your pension.

It may not be the best time to buy NZ Dollars, or you may prefer to keep some of your assets in UK Pounds indefinitely.  Also, as UK Pension transfers can take time there is no telling what the actual exchange rate will be on the day your transfer completes – why not start the process now and we can manage the currency issue later.

Once your UK Pension funds transfer to your new QROPS in NZ, your investment portfolio can be denominated in either NZ$ Dollars or in Pounds Sterling, and it can stay that way as long as you wish to or until you’re happy with the exchange rate – we can convert your Pounds Sterling to New Zealand Dollars when you decide.

With current interest rates, simple Sterling Bank Accounts will produce a negative return once fees are factored in – however, our Sterling International Share Fund option means your pension will earn a genuine investment return based upon the mix of funds in your portfolio, regardless of currency.  This puts you in control and removes the stress of trying to time currency markets.

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