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Our FeeCap Promise.

We’ll help you save thousands of dollars on UK Pension transfer fees and ongoing fund management fees!

1622663_blogOur services are very competitive and great value – we fully disclose and discuss our charges with you before you engage our services to transfer your UK Pension.

Firstly, our UK Pension assessment service is free – we’ll request information and documents from your UK Pension provider at no obligation or cost to you.

We will explain the investment options available to you in New Zealand based on your Risk Profile, and we will work with you to ensure you have enough information to be comfortable investing in a QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme) in New Zealand.

When you decide to proceed with the transfer we’ll provide a written statement outlining our service commitment and fees, which are usually deducted from your transferred funds.

Finally, once your UK Pension is safely transferred and invested in your NZ Registered QROPS Scheme, our unique FeeCap Program will save you thousands on fees.

We promise we will never accept any service fees paid to us by your Fund Manager over and above our maximum annual service charge – this unique program will save you thousands!

How does FeeCap work?

Fund Managers charge management fees on invested pension funds over the course of an investment year to cover the costs of administration and investment management, and there are also service fees forwarded to your Financial Adviser for providing ongoing client services and investment advice.

Management fees are usually expressed as a per annum percentage of your Funds under Management (FUM) and so will fluctuate depending upon withdrawals, contributions and fund performance, and typically 1% of your FUM annually is paid to your Financial Adviser.

Our Feecap program caps the maximum service fee paid to us at $995 annually.  In reality many of our clients are paying less than this maximum fee, however if you are charged more than this we will refund the surplus directly back into your fund.

We want to help you achieve your retirement goals by adding value and seeking to improve your investment returns.

How much can I save with FeeCap?

Your fund will continue to receive rebates each year for the entire life of your pension  plan – the table below shows some examples of how much money you can save on fees each year.

Average Value of your pension fund






Possible Adviser Fees paid by your Fund 






Maximum Adviser Fees with our FeeCap






Rebates your fund receives from us






NOTE : Adviser Fees have been calculated at an average annual rate of 1.0% gross.

Fees charged reduce investment returns and therefore your overall fund growth – just think how much you could be saving towards your retirement!

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