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Transfer Advice.

NZ Pensions provides a UK Pension Transfer Service on a facilitation-only basis and does not offer advice on whether you should transfer your UK Pension or not, nor do we provide any analysis of or advice on the value or future potential value of your UK Pension if left in the UK. 

3546977_blogWe cannot make any recommendation as to the completeness or accuracy of any pension calculation or transfer value received from your UK Pension Provider, and we advise you to contact your UK Pension Provider should you have any questions or concerns about the calculations and transfer values they have provided.

NZ Pensions can provide investment advice on QROPS schemes in New Zealand to receive your pension funds from the UK, however we cannot offer legal or taxation advice.

Further information that may assist you in deciding whether to take a transfer value is available from:

Pension Wise, www.pensionwise.gov.uk
The Pensions Regulator  www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk
The Financial Conduct Authority  www.fca.org.uk

You are advised to take appropriate legal and taxation advice as applicable, and we also refer you to the UK MH Revenue & Customs (HMRC) website  www.hmrc.gov.uk/pensionschemes for more information.

For Independent Financial Advice, to find an Adviser in the UK, go to  www.unbiased.co.uk

Pension Wise is a service from MoneyHelper, backed by the UK government – see here.